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CleanQuote is a vessel cleaning platform that simplifies the process of ordering Hold Cleaning Supplies, Shore Cleaning Gangs or Underwater Services. Whether you require supplies or crews to clean the cargo hold or underwater services like Hull Cleaning, Propeller Polishing, or Underwater Inspections, CleanQuote is the ideal destination for you.

We provide a vetted and approved supplier network and allows for easy comparison of quotations, among other features. Our ultimate goal is to find the optimal cleaning solution for our users, whether related to hold cleaning supplies, cleaning gangs, or underwater services.

At CleanQuote, we provide more than quotes; we offer a fleet inventory system as well. Our Operator tool enables you to automate ROBs, track cleaning inventory, monitor usage, and much more. You can see the long list of features below.

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By Operators for Operators

CleanQuote was founded by co-founder Lasse Ekdahl, who has a background in Dry Cargo Operations and was previously involved in numerous “day-to-day” hold cleaning operations while working at DS NORDEN, specifically in Panamax Operations. The company began as a niche tool/platform with a primary goal of making life easier for Operations Managers and providing support to Operators who have multiple tasks on their desk. However, it has now become the must-have tool for cleaning operations and are covering over 1000+ ports worldwide.

Lasse Ekdahl

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CleanQuote is an ISO 9001 certified organization. This certification is a well-known standard for quality management systems that outlines the criteria for an organization to establish, implement, maintain, and continuously enhance its quality management system. At CleanQuote, we prioritize quality and service, and strive to provide our users and suppliers with the best possible service and quality.

ISO 9001 Certificates

Vetted suppliers

We’ve surveyed ship operators, port captains, and similar professionals worldwide to determine their preferred providers of vessel cleaning services.

CleanQuote’s suppliers have all undergone pre-vetting through onboarding interviews and reference checks to ensure their quality standards. Additionally, we conduct follow-up assessments after services to ensure customer satisfaction.

CleanQuote has facilitated more than 2,000 deliveries through our vetted suppliers all across the world.

If there is an port or location, where you require vessel cleaning that we don’t currently cover, please inform us, and we will make every effort to locate and onboard suppliers meeting our criteria’s.

Vetted Suppliers
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