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CleanQuote is the ideal solution for anyone looking for reliable and fast suppliers for Hold Cleaning Supplies.

Our platform provides a comprehensive overview of the best suppliers in the most frequently visited ports, helping you to minimize risks, reduce costs, and save time. By using CleanQuote, you can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, thanks to our user-friendly interface and clear presentation of options.

CleanQuote covers more than 1,000 ports worldwide with pre-vetted suppliers ready to assist you.

Trust CleanQuote to help you streamline your hold cleaning supplies procurement process today.

How it works
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“With CleanQuoute, we can quickly localize the suppliers who are active in the given ports. We find new, high-quality suppliers, and we can compare quotes to find the best suited supplier. The platform is reliable and very convenient to use. Now we spend much less time, not even 5 minutes, and we reach a much wider selection of suppliers at the same time”

Martin Broe Andersen, Head of Operations at Navision Shipping A/S

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“CleanQuote is a great platform. All we need to do is to enter our inquiry. We can enter for what cargo we need the chemicals, and what the previous cargo was, and then we just put in our request and the quotation comes up when the suppliers have had a chance to review the request. Depending on which offers we get, we choose the most suitable offer.”

Amit Rahul, Head of Operations at Western Bulk

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“By using CleanQuote, we discovered new suppliers that we previously didn’t know, and who have proven to be very competitive on price. The platform saves us both costs and time otherwise spent on manually contacting suppliers.”

Anders Damgaard, Senior Operations Manager at Ultrabulk

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CleanQuote: Get quotes in under 5 mins from top suppliers.

With CleanQuote you will be able to get multiple quotes for hold cleaning supplies in less than 5 minutes.

Over the past four years, we’ve helped facilitate over 2,000 deliveries of hold cleaning supplies, including everything from high-pressure machines, deck scaling machines, hold block, cleaning chemicals to brooms, ladders, gloves, and more.

We have gathered best-in-class suppliers on one platform to make it easy for you to get quotes. All you have to do is fill out the request form with the items you need and press send.

Choose your preferred package

With our free-to-use basic package you can send requests and receive quotes for cleaning chemicals and cleaning gangs. Our extended packages offer you a sublime overview over your ROB, access to underwater cleaning requests and useful info on +1000 ports worldwide. Browse our features and get started today.



Our basic package lets you send requests for supplies and shore cleaning gangs in +1000 ports worldwide.

  • Hold Cleaning Supplies – Send requests and receive quotes from our entire supplier network
  • Tank Cleaning – Send requests and receive quotes from our entire supplier network
  • Shore Cleaning Gangs – Send unlimited requests and get quotes from our suppliers in +1000 ports
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Get access to underwater cleaning experts and services. Complete information on port cleaning restrictions.

  • All Basic Features
  • Receive quotes on hull cleaning, propeller polishing, and underwater inspections
  • Instant Port Data showing you average lead time and more
  • Overview of port cleaning restrictions
  • Cleaning report storage
  • See all features
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Operator gives you everything you need to be in complete control over your entire fleet’s cleaning operations.

  • Underwater + Basic Features
  • All Requests: Hold Cleaning Supplies, Cleaning Gangs & Underwater
  • Automated ROB: Vessel inventory levels and needs
  • Interactive Fleet Map using AIS data
  • Consumption Overview + Reports
  • Internal Knowledge Sharing with your organization
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Ready to order hold cleaning supplies?

Reach out to us today and we will help you get access to our our many vetted suppliers of quality hold cleaning supplies. With our free-to-use Basic Package, you can send an unlimited amount of requests for quality supplies.

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