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Our basic package lets you send requests for supplies and shore cleaning gangs in +1000 ports worldwide.

  • Hold Cleaning Supplies – Send requests and receive quotes from our entire supplier network
  • Make requests for Underwater Services
  • Tank Cleaning – Send requests and receive quotes from our entire supplier network
  • Shore Cleaning Gangs – Send unlimited requests and get quotes from our suppliers in +1000 ports
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Underwater+ provides simple tools to structure your underwater operations. Ensure proactivity and timely operations for maximum fleet efficiency.

  • All Basic Features
  • Port and supplier search
  • All Requests: Hold/Tank Cleaning Supplies,  Cleaning Gangs & Underwater
  • UW cleaning alerts (Traffic-Light system)
  • Idle stay monitoring
  • Fleet Overview
  • Interactive Fleet and port map using AIS Data
  • Internal Knowledge Sharing
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Operator gives you everything you need to be in complete control over your entire fleet’s cleaning operations.

  • All Basic Features
  • Port and supplier search
  • All Requests: Hold/Tank Cleaning Supplies,  Cleaning Gangs & Underwater
  • Automated ROB: Vessel inventory levels and needs
  • Interactive Fleet Map using AIS data
  • Consumption Overview + Reports
  • Internal Knowledge Sharing with your organization
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BasicUnderwaterOperator or UW+
Pricing 199€Pr. month299€Pr. monthFrom459€Pr. month
Unlimited requesting cleaning supplies
Send unlimited requests for cleaning supplies (chemicals, equipment, machinery etc), from our top-of-class suppliers.
All suppliers are required to live up to IMO standards
Unlimited requesting shore cleaning gangs
Send unlimited requests for shore cleaning services from our vetted suppliers. Our network consists of both local companies and riding/travelling gangs who can perform cleanings enroute.
Cloud based
All features are cloud based for easy access, no matter where, and with easy cross office views and handovers.
Unlimited requesting underwater services
Send unlimited requests for underwater services from our vetted and suppliers. The choice of supplier is always yours. Easy overview of received quotes and suppliers.
Instant port data
Instantly see CleanQuote’s port data when requesting in a port, giving you upfront knowledge on number of suppliers, average leadtime and average amount of quotes.
Port restrictions
Get local knowledge of relevant rules, restrictions, and conditions directly from local suppliers.
Port search
Search for any port and see port data, suppliers in port and your previous requests.
Cleaning reports
Easily go back to previous requests and find invoices and cleaning reports.
Company insights
Company overviews and insights, giving costs overview in just one click. See number of requests, quotes received, and costs spent.
Live chat
Chat directly with CleanQuote Support on any issues or questions.
Automated ROB
Setup ROB Automations to ensure full awareness of vessel inventory levels and needs. Send monthly ROB updates or post purchase updates.
The continuous update of inventory levels gives vessel operators a complete overview of current inventory and any hold cleaning needs.
Inventory tracking
With the inventory tracking functions via the CleanQuote ROB system, we ensure that no item gets removed, used or damaged without making it visible for the operator.
Fleet overview
Gain full fleet cleaning overview and a quick view of latest requests and ROB updates, as well as easy "add and remove functions" to update any fleet changes.
Number of vessels in fleet will effect price on CQ Operator package.
Consumption overview
See chemical consumption levels on each vessel to identify overconsumption or simply to put more focus on minimizing usage.
Cleaning history
Full historical overview of previous cleanings on a vessel level.
Interactive map of fleet
Interactive map with all ports with cleaning data only one click away as well as vessel locations with accurate AIS data.
Minimum Stock
Setup minimum stock to show your company requirements for cleaning inventory.
Vessel folder
Automatic storage of all documents on cleaning, giving easy access to previous invoices, shore cleaning reports, ROB’s and underwater reports.
Internal knowledge sharing
Share experiences with the internal knowledge sharing function. Valuable experience and knowledge regarding vessels, suppliers, or ports can be logged and will then be presented to any colleague interacting with that vessel, supplier, or port.

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FAQ: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Do I pay the supplier directly?

Yes. The transaction is between you and the supplier once you have approved an order through CleanQuote. Upon your acceptance of a quote, the supplier will get in touch with you directly to finalize all the details.

How has the suppliers been vetted?

All suppliers on CleanQuote have been pre-vetted through onboarding interviews and by checking recommendations to make sure they are of a high standard. We also do check-ups after the service has been performed to make sure the customers are satisfied.

Can I see previous request and quotes?

Indeed, CleanQuote stores all of your data and does not share it with anyone outside of your organization. We also store your cleaning reports, invoices, and ROBs. This way you get a quick overview of all cleaning-related information on each vessel.

Can my colleagues see my data?

If your user is created under the same account, you can see your colleague’s data and share insights. This makes it simple to take over a vessel from a colleague or to attend to their vessel in their absence.

You can also log information on ports, suppliers, and vessels for your colleagues to see.


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