From a dreaded task to an easy 5-minute routine

Martin Broe Andersen, Head of Operations at Navision Shipping A/S is very satisfied with using the hold cleaning platform CleanQuote. “We have used the platform ever since they started in 2018. With CleanQuote, we can reach more hold cleaning suppliers of high quality, and it eases our workload considerably”, he tells.

“The team behind CleanQuote is aware of the importance of the cleaning task. They know how we work in operations and understand the process in depth. The platform has transformed a former time-consuming manual task to a fast 5-minutes routine”.

Fast, reliable, and convenient

Before Navision Shipping A/S started using CleanQuote, sending out quotes was a manual and time-consuming task. As they didn’t always know which suppliers were present in the different ports, they would send out requests to the suppliers known to them, asking if they could deliver to the port in question.

“With CleanQuoute, we can quickly localize the suppliers who are active in the given ports. We find new, high-quality suppliers, and we can compare quotes to find the best suited supplier. The platform is reliable and very convenient to use. Now we spend much less time, not even 5 minutes, and we reach a much wider selection of suppliers at the same time”

Martin Broe Andersen, Head of Operations at Navision Shipping A/S

Great service and professional expertise

To Navision Shipping, it’s a great advantage that the team behind CleanQuote knows the cleaning task in depth and understands the importance of a smooth process. “If we have suggestions to changes, we contact CleanQuote and they react immediately. They have a great understanding of the processes, and they make sure to include notes to the supplier quotes in the platform, informing us what to be aware of when comparing the quotes. Moreover, they make sure that the suppliers deliver the quotes within the timeframe of 24 hours. We are very pleased with the level of service that they deliver”, Martin states.


Saves time and money

The time and trouble they save by using the platform is paramount to Navision Shipping. But the decrease in expenses is an evenly important factor. “It’s difficult to say how much we save by using the platform, but we are confident that we reach more suppliers and get better prices than before. We would probably have paid double for several of the deliveries before, as we didn’t contact the same number of suppliers. When we compare quotes from before using CleanQuote to now, we see a huge difference. We save a lot of money by using the platform”, Martin concludes.

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