Operator: ROB and Vessel Cleaning Management all in one place


CleanQuote is proud to present the new Operator Feature Pack giving you full inventory overview of your entire fleet.
Save time and money by keeping track of cleaning supplies, set up minimum stock and use data to compare spend and time used per vessel.

Premium features making vessel cleaning operations much easier – saving you precious time and giving you unmatched overview.

A look at selected features in the Operator package::

  • Visualization of your entire fleet. See next port and much more.
  • ROB – Remaining On Board. Take stock over each vessel’s cleaning supplies.
  • Make and share reviews of suppliers and ports with your group.
  • Consumption Overview. Identify how much bleach or other chemicals are used cleaning a specific vessel.
  • Make and share reviews of suppliers and ports with your group.
  • Time Charter Details. Take stock of cleaning supplies before and after chartering your vessel. Make sure everything is in order.

No more forwarding emails and browsing documents in forgotten folders. Operator gathers all procedures and vessel cleaning data in one platform, making it easy for you to share data with colleagues or hand over vessels for charter.

We are certain that you will find that the Operator Package from CleanQuote will be the best investment this year.