Cost reductions and increased efficiency

Anders Damgaard, Senior Operations Manager at Ultrabulk A/S, is very pleased with CleanQuote. Since the dry bulk shipping company started using the platform, they have reduced the time spent on contacting suppliers significantly.

In his daily work, Anders oversees that the vessel crew gets the supplies needed for full and efficient cargo hold cleaning. This comprises ordering hold cleaning chemicals and cleaning supplies in order to clean the dry bulk vessels, making it ready for a new shipment. Previously, it was a time-consuming task to contact several different suppliers to get quotes and compare the prices to find the best suited supplier.

“By using CleanQuote, we discovered new suppliers that we previously didn’t know, and who have proven to be very competitive on price. The platform saves us both costs and time otherwise spent on manually contacting suppliers.”

Anders Damgaard, Senior Operations Manager at Ultrabulk

From time-consuming task to user-friendly experience

“Now we have an easy-to-use platform that connects us to suppliers worldwide. You upload your information in one place, and the process has become so easy for us. The quotes we get in return are very comparable, and we can easily choose the one that suits us”, says Anders and continues:

“The platform is extremely user-friendly. This is a great advantage for us, as we have users in offices worldwide. No one has to spend their valuable time getting training in how to use the platform; it’s easy to start using it almost straight away”.

“The use of CleanQuote has increased efficiency, and best of all, we have discovered new suppliers who are very price competitive, which contributes to great cost reductions on our purchases”.

Knowledge of the industry

Knowledge of the processes in detail is crucial if you want to create a platform that applies to the needs of the customers:

“We heard about CleanQuote from the founder and CEO, Lasse Ekdahl, who has a background as operations manager in the dry bulk shipping industry. You can tell that the platform has been developed by someone who knows the processes entirely and understands the challenges that we as operators are facing in our daily routines this is a huge advantage”, Anders says.

According to Ultrabulk, the collaboration with CleanQuote has been very smooth.

“They react fast if we need anything. We once needed supplies from a port that wasn’t included in the platform, and CleanQuote had it included almost straight away. They are quick at assisting if there is a problem, but most of the time, the platform runs smoothly and seamlessly without any troubles”, Anders states.

No loss of personal contact

To Ultrabulk, the personal contact to both clients and suppliers is immensely important, and one of the concerns about using the platform to contact suppliers were to lose some of the personal aspect in the supplier contact. However, it turned out that there was no reason to worry: “We don’t feel that we have lost the personal contact to the suppliers with the introduction of CleanQuote”, says Anders and concludes:

“We would definitely recommend CleanQuote. The entire process has become easier. We have access to suppliers in one place, and the purchasing process has become more efficient without loss of personal contact”.

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About Ultrabulk

Ultrabulk A/S is wholly owned by Ultranav, which is the Ship Owning and Operating arm of the Ultramar Group of Chile. The original company was founded in 1952 by Captain Albert von Appen. Ultrabulk started its dry bulk activities in 1982. Since then, the company has grown steadily and in 2010, the company entered the supramax and panamax segments and today, they have about 145 ships transporting goods worldwide.

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